Vegan Mayonnaise With Cashew Nuts

  This is an ideal recipe for those who are vegans or those who may be intolerant to dairy products. The key ingredient are the cashews. Recipe Ingredients: ½ cup cashews ¼ onion raw 1/3 cup warm water ½ teasp paprica or cummin pinch garlic powder 2 tabs lemon juice Blend together water and cashews first then add remaining ingredients and blend. To make guacamoli or avocado dip, add 1… Read More »Vegan Mayonnaise With Cashew Nuts

How To Treat Acne Using Natural Remedies

During the period of most active growth, the oil glands of the skin go through an extended period of development, along with other glands of the body. in some young people, these glands become clogged, swollen, and inflamed. They are prone to infection. The following suggestions may be helpful: 1. Keep hands clean, nails short, and never touch the face except with a clean tissue. Most people with acne have… Read More »How To Treat Acne Using Natural Remedies

How to Improve Your Memory and Intelligence

The following video by Dr. Neil Nedley explores ways on how to improve memory and intelligence naturally. Dr Neil is the Director of the Weimar health institute in the USA. For more videos on improving health, please click link.

How can the NEW START lifestyle program improve health ?

What is the NEW START lifestyle program ? It is an acronym that provides a natural way to optimise your health via plant based vegan nutrition, daily exercise, internal and external water usage, plenty of outdoor sunlight, temperance by elimating harmful health choices, ensuring access to fresh air, plenty of physical rest and recognising that our human dimension of the physical, mental, social and emotional also includes the spiritual. Click… Read More »How can the NEW START lifestyle program improve health ?

222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant In London

Are you looking for a vegan restaurant in London ? Many have visited 222 Veggie Vegan in South-west London to admire the creative and tasty range of vegan dishes. Try the 222 veggie burger if you have a large appetite. The generous portion will satisfy your hunger. Or try the Seitan Stroganoff, or the Oyster Mushroom & Spinach Raclette. For dessert, you may wish to try either the Tofu Cheesecake… Read More »222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant In London