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About Us

Leaves of Life UK Health Organisation is a voluntary health promotion and information organization.

Leaves Of Life UK Health Seminar

We endeavor to bring to you, our members and friends, the best in vegetarian/ vegan whole food cookery and health seminars, in which we always seek to improve. Through our seminars we aim to teach plant-based cookery at its finest – conducting nutrition labs where participants learn the art of preparing easy, whole, natural, and healthy food to ensure individuals and their families enjoy tasty, well balanced, nutritious meals. We also aim to educate on vital health and lifestyle principles, including stress management, dealing with anxiety and sleeplessness, weight control, disease reversal, and lifestyle habits essential to good health and well-being.

In our aim to provide you with the best and latest information, we secure the services of the best speakers. All are experienced lecturers / practitioners in various fields, and we are very grateful that they have given their time and support to this service.

The objectives (or mission) of Leaves of Life:-

1. To advance public education and training in aspects of health and practical living.

2. It is our purpose to broaden the understanding of health from the purely biological, to include social, emotional and spiritual dimensions, i.e. not merely the absence of disease or infirmity;

3. To broaden the understanding that to live life practically is to recognise that good health can be anticipated when one has a harmonious relationship between body, mind and spirit; therefore concentration and effort should be put toward things which make for harmony. Harmony is happiness, and happiness promotes good health.

4. To promote lifestyle changes based on a balanced use of the natural laws of health – See NEW START.

5. To bring an awareness to individuals of their personal health needs and providing or pointing them to the available resources to meet those needs.


  • Bring you the best in vegetarian/vegan whole-food cookery and health seminars
  • Teach plant-based cookery at its finest.
  • Educate on vital health and lifestyle principles.
  • Are also available for health lectures, cooking demonstrations and catering.

Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancer – these diseases and many others, are often the direct results of the lifestyle choices we make. Many people suffer from these diseases, unaware that they are preventable and even reversible, unconscious that an easy solution is within their reach.

The answer lies in lifestyle – a person’s approach to living. Many of us intemperate in what we eat and drink, following the accepted lifestyle of modern society. We exercise frantically, but we often feel worse rather than better. We rest but we can’t relax. We ignore the natural signals and requests of our bodies and get sick as a result.

Health Participation

What can we do ? Lifestyle changes make the difference. A lifestyle with a balanced use of the laws of health will bring remarkable results. Learn from our health professionals how you can enjoy life more fully by following simple health principles.

Your spouse and children are encouraged to attend and participate in the lifestyle programs. Family involvement and support encourages the continuation of lifestyle changes at home and via associated communities.

Wishing you above all things that you prosper and be in good health.

Leaves Of Life UK Health Organisation