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Vegan Vegetarian SDA Health Seminars – Year 2000 to Present


Past Health Seminar Events From 2000:

Date Speaker Seminar Topic
2 0 0 7 to Present – Several UK Health Events
2 0 0 7
8 July ’07 Leaves Of Life & Bristol Community Healthy Lifestyle – Clean Inside & Out. Sugar free, smoke free, drug awareness, healthy eating.
20 May ’07 (Doctors & Nurses) Amersham Health Check Day.
2 0 0 5
29 January ’05 Cancelled – Apologies (Jacqui Narcisse – Eight Laws Of Health)
3 to 6 February ’05 Danny & Cherise Vierra Health & Happiness Weekend @ Country Life Restaurant and Central London SDA Church. Book your special evening vegan meal and health lecture – “Healing Cancer and other Chronic Diseases without Drugs” – with Danny Vierra on Thursday 3rd February at the Country Life restaurant, and attend the free weekend of health lectures, natural remedy and cooking demonstrations at the Advent Centre Central SDA Church.
26 February ’05 Clemency Mitchell “The China Study”
30 April ’05 Manjit Biant Health & Detoxification
22 May ’05 (Sunday) Richard Willis A “Fat” Chance (Health lecture on obesity and how to tackle this disease) – Location: Amersham, Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire. Time: 1 to 6 PM. Health lecture will be followed by a cooking demonstration.
28 May ’05 Dr Colin Mitchell The Edenic Diet
23 October ’05 (Sunday)


Doctors, Nurses & Health Specialists From The Local Buckinghamshire Area

(Free Health Checks for weight, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and urine. Vegan cooking demonstration. Health literature. Consultations. Location: St Michael & All Angels Anglican Church Hall, Sycamore Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, UK. Time: 11 AM to 5 PM.
2 0 0 4
31 January 2004 Sherry Nicholls “Plants For The Healing Of The Nations” – Lemons, Flaxseeds (Linseeds), Aloe Vera & Noni Fruit.
28 February 2004 Colin Mitchell MSc “The Edenic Diet – Fact Or Fiction ?”
11 March 2004 Dr De Rose “The Wisdom Of The American Indians”. Thursday – 7 PM to 9 PM. In conjunction with Country Life in the banqueting suite, Advent Centre. Contact Clemency Mitchell for further details. Website.
14 March 2004 Dr De Rose “The Wisdom Of The american Indians”. Sunday – All Day Seminar. Newbold College, Bracknell. Contact Clemency Mitchell for further details.
27 March 2004 Dr Espinet M.D. Phd “High Fat, Low Carb Diet – The Facts.”
24 April 2004 Darren Ross

“The Immune System”

Darren Ross is also a distrbutor of health books and distilled water: [email protected]

29 May 2004 Dr Clemency Mitchell MD “Water And Its Healing Powers.”
1 to 15 June 2004

Dr Nedley MD– is a full time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphasis in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Preventive Medicine, Mental Health, and the difficult-to-diagnose patient.

He did his undergraduate studies at Andrews University in Michigan, majoring in Biochemistry.

He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is also a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, and the Alpha-Omega-Alpha Honor Medical Society.

He currently chairs the Medical Education and Medical Library Committees at Mercy Memorial Health Center, and is a board member of the Ardmore Institute of Health.

Author of “Proof Positive: How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle” and “Depression – A Way Out”.


Main Sanctuary, Advent Centre.

FRIDAY 4 June. 7PM.
Main Sanctuary, Advent Centre.


AM – To Be Confirmed.

1.30 PM – Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre. Vegan lunch followed by x 2 afternoon programs with short break in between.


11 AM to 1 PM – First health lecture.

1 to 2.30 PM – Vegan lunch/ walk.

2.30 to 4 PM – Second health lecture

MONDAY 7 June to SUNDAY 13 June
South East Conference Camp Meeting at Brean Sands (South of Bristol. Beautiful sea coast location. A mixture of evening lectures and daily workshops including cooking demonstrations. Reserve your chalet !

MONDAY 14 June. 7PM
7 PM – Country Life Restaurant, Warwick Street.

To purchase books, CDs and audios of Dr Nedley’s resources, please visit the following link:


26 June 2004 Dr Sang Lee MD Phd “The benefits of a plant-based diet.”
25 September ’04 Clemency Mitchell TBA
30 October ’04 Hamilton Williams B.T.H, M.S.PH, MSc “Exercise and its ability to relieve stress.”
27 November ’04 Angela Alexis, Naturopath Effects of refined foods on the body.
18 December ’04 No Speaker Vegan Lunch
2 0 0 3
24 May 2003 Dr. Caroline Grey – PHD High blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease – The Silent Killers.
28 June 2003 Anne Gardner – Naturopath and Natural Food Therapist Milk – To drink or not to drink
26 July 2003 Sherry Nicholls Communication & Integration In Relation To Body Function.
August 2003 Sherry Nicholls & Richard Willis Conducting lectures at Stonebridge Park campaign.
September 2003 Angela/ Battersea SDA Herbology & Toxicity.
29 November 2003 Richard Willis Nov 29 Sabbath – ‘Stress Management in our modern world’ 1.30pm lunch, lecture 3.00 PM – Part 1.
20 December 2003 Christmas Vegan Lunch (No Speaker) Come and experience warm fellowship and tasty wholesome food.
2 0 0 2
Sat: 25 May 2002 John Bishop – International Lecturer

Theme: “The Hidden History of Yoga and Meditation”Time:1.30pm Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch

3.00pm — 4.30pm – Lecture, (animated power point presentation.)

Place: The Advent Centre Information Room, 39 Brendon Street, London W1
Cost: Voluntary contribution towards expenses

Sat: 29 June 2002 Juhani Harju M.P.H – Senior Health Officer for the National Health Authority Topic: ‘I’m not addicted”(Oh Yes You are!)”
Time:1.30pm – Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch 3.00pm — 4.30pm – Lecture (overhead projection)
Place: The Advent Centre Information Room, 39 Brendon Street, London W1
Cost: Voluntary contribution towards expenses.
Sat: 27 July 2002 Christine Huvany MD Topic: Bone Health
Time:1.30pm – Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch3.00pm — 4.30pm – Lecture (overhead projection)
Place: The Advent Centre Information Room, 39 Brendon Street, London W1
Cost: Voluntary contribution towards expenses.
Sat: 24 August 2002 Dr Espinet MD PHD Topic: Keys To Dynamic Living
Time: 1.30pm – Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch3.00pm — 4.30pm: LecturePlace: The Advent Centre Information Room, 39 Brendon Street, London W1.
Cost: Voluntary contribution towards expenses
Sat: 28 September 2002 Dr Aquah

Topic: “The Totality of Health – Individually, Nationally and Globally”Time:1.30pm – Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch

3.00 – 4.30pm: Lecture (overhead projection)

Place: The Advent Centre Information Room, 39 Brendon Street, London W1
Cost: Voluntary contribution to cover expenses

Sat: 26 October 2002
Joanne Graham DeLisser BSc, Hons.,Naturapathic Consultant How to Kill Your Loved Ones With Food and Get Away With It!”
Time: 1.30pm – Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch3.00pm — 4.30pm Lecture (overhead projection)Place: The Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1
Cost: Voluntary contribution to cover expenses
Sat: 23 November 2002 Richard Willis: M.A., MSc. FRSH. “You Are What You Eat”
Time: 1.30pm – Vegan/ Vegetarian Lunch3.00pm — 4.30pm Lecture (overhead projection)Place: The Advent Centre Information Room, 39 Brendon Street, London W1
Cost: Voluntary contribution to cover expenses
2 0 0 1
Monday 7 May 2001 – 7 to 9PM Lecturer Warwick Brian RN Psy Sn, Ch. Dip MPh. Alternative practitioner / consultant on health & nutrition Theme: “Clean Up Your Act – Effective Detox Plan For Greater Vitality”.
The Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1 (Buffet included)
Monday 4 June 2001 – 7 to 9 PM Leaves Of Life team dedicated individuals – unpaid volunteers promoting health and practical living via the 8 laws of health. “The Forgotten Art Of Breadmaking”.
Easy and fun. Please note that unlike other evenings, this day will involve mostly cooking demonstrations (breadmaking & spreads) enabling a hands-on experience. Our utensils are limited so therefore please bring your apron, bread making tin, bowl and spatula.The Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1 (Buffet included)
“A New Beginning” Health Series. Saturday 16 – Saturday 30 June 2001 – Prof. Walter Veith Sunday June 17 – “Healthful Living” Festival – Various Health Lecturers including Prof. Walter Veith.
Professor Walter Veith obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He is currently professor in the zoology department of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Professor Veith’s research field is nutritional physiology and his research concentrates on the affect of modern animal husbandry on the incidence of disease transferral to man.

“A New Beginning” Health SeriesSaturday 16 – Saturday 30 June 2001, 7.30PM to 9PM (Except Thursdays). Venue: Advent Centre.


Healthful Living Festival

Sunday 17 June 2001, 10am to 6 pm. Venue Advent Centre.

Banqueting suite. All those interested in promoting, administering and maintaining health, Leaves Of Life will be holding a healthy living festival. Stalls/food/books/audio & video cassettes/cooking demos/ health checks/lectures from various practitioners in the field of health.

Click here for further details !

July 2001
No Meeting
(Leaves Of Life Team and Professor Walter Veith @ Prestatyn, North Wales, 2nd to 8th July. Conducted various presentations & cooking demonstrations).
Monday 6 August 2001
7 to 9 PM
Michelle Rondof is a graduate of the International School of Beauty Therapists, Paris, France, and will be sharing how we may maintain our skin through the use of natural products Theme: “The Natural Outer Covering”.
The Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1 (Buffet included)
Monday 3 September 2001
7 to 9 PM
Dr. Aquah, MSc, BDS is currently researching in St. Georges Hospital, London, in the Department of Addictive behaviour. His special area of research is prescription and non-prescription drugs. Theme: “Fighting The Infections”.
The Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1 (Buffet included)
Monday 8 October 2001
7 to 9 PM
Sherry Nicholls is a Nutrition Counsellor and is dedicated toward promoting good health and practical living by way of the eight natural laws – acronym – N.E.W. S.T.A.R.T. Theme: “Four Sides Of Mankind – Physical, Mental, Social & Spiritual”.
The Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1 (Buffet included)
2 0 0 0
Monday 7 February 2000
6.45PM – 9.00PM
Brian Warwick
RMNSEN (Nurse)
Supplements, healthy or hazardous? (incl. cooking demonstration). Alternative Practitioner/ lecturer in health & nutrition
Wednesday 23rd February to Wednesday 8 March Donald Miller & Calvin Thrash

Uchee Pines presentations.

Download the Uchee Pines health powerpoints.

Monday 3 April 2000
Time: 6.45 – 9.00pm
Dr Clemency Mitchell M.B.,ChB,MRC,GP(General Alternative Practitioner/lecturer in health and nutrition) Subject:” Natural Therapy……New hope for degenerative diseases”.
Available for consultations between 5.30 and 6.30pm – 30 min sessions on a suggested donation basis
Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 May 2000
Time: 6.45 – 9.00pm
Hamilton Williams B.A., MSBH, Msc (World Traveled Health Lecturer And Psychological Counselor)

8 May – Subject: Part 1 – “How Thoughts Affect Our Health” and Wholefood Cookery Demonstration.

9 May – Subject: Part 2 – “How Thoughts Affect our Health “

10 May – Subject: “Thoughts That Bring About A More Fulfilling Lifestyle”

Monday 5, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 18 June 2000 Time: 6.45 – 9.00pm Donald Miller B.Sc. For the last 14 years has worked at the Uchee Pines Institute, Alabama as Communications Director, and is also an alternative practitioner and lecturer world-wide. Monday 5 June 00
Time: 6.45 – 9.00pm
Subject:”Factors influencing our physical health.”Monday 12 June 00 – Thursday 15 June 00
Time: 6.45- 9.00pm – Cooking Demos each evening.
Subject: “Breakfast — Starches (evening 1)”
” Milk – Calcium (evening 2)”
” Entrees – Protein (evening 3)” “Spreads – Fats (evening 4)”
Sunday 18 June 2000. Place: Country Life Restaurant, 8 Warwick Street, London W1.(Please book in advance).
Time:11.00 – 5.00 – pm
Subject: – 11.00 – 1.00pm – “Factors influencing Longevity”
1.00 – 2.30pm – lunch
2.30 – 5.00pm – “Factors influencing who and how we are”. (Available for consultations from 5.30 – 6.30pm. 30 minute sessions.
Sunday 2nd & 3rd July 2000
Time: 2.30 – 3.30pm
Dr J R Gates DHSc, MPH: International nutritional and environmental medicine consultant. Studied at Cornell University State of New York under Dr Collin Campbell. Worked at Weimar Health Institute, USA. Author, whose books include “Living to 120 and beyond”. Sunday 2nd July
Time: – 11.00 – 5.00pm
Subject:11.00 – 1.00pm – “Living to a 120 years and beyond”
1.00 – 2.30pm – Lunch At The Banqueting Suite (£6.00 per head; please book in advance as lunch will be supplied by Country Life)
2.30 – 3.30pm – “How to live in a toxic world”
Monday 3rd July. Place: The Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1.
Time:- 6.45 – 9.00pm
Subject:” Food as medicine” and buffet.
(Available for consultations)
Monday 7 August 2000
Time: 7 to 9 PM
Richard Willis M.A., MSc., FRSH Topic: “Is Wholistic Medicine A Wholistic Hoax ?” (Please contact Leaves Of Life for the book currently on sale !)
Venue: The Banqueting Suite, Advent Centre, 39 Brendon Street, London W1


The First Medical Missionary Evangelistic Programme at the Advent Centre

…Held By Leaves Of Life At The Advent Centre, Crawford Place (Corner of 39 Brendan Street), London W1.

Between 23 July and 4 August 2000, Leaves of Life organised a Medical Missionary Field School – a two week programme, comprehensive in scope, recognised as being desperately needed in the London area.

The course was made open to all those who wanted to know not only more about how to maintain their health, but how to reach out to others in the form of medical evangelism. Those who attended will never be the same again. Each attendee learned basic Anatomy and Physiology, simple hands-on home treatments such as hydrotherapy and charcoal poultices, the 8 laws of health and God’s Ministry Of Healing throughout Biblical history and for the immediate future. Each student was informed on major diseases, lifestyle cause and effect and lifestyle preventative measures – plus much more! (If you would like to receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentations, please click here).

The Leaves Of Life team would like to thank each lecturer for taking time out of their busy schedules to format a study on their pre-chosen health theme for the benefit of the students. We would also extend our gratitude for those additional helpers who enabled a smooth transition from one day to the other, and of course, without the students, there would be no programme and we therefore thank each for their support and we encourage each who completed the whole course, to make full use of their newly acquired skills in their respective communities.