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How to spot signs of depression and how to reverse it naturally

We are all striving to have healthy and happy lives. Managing good lifestyle choices including the consumption of quality, fresh, organic plant-based foods, drinking plenty of pure water, exposing ourselves to a decent amount of daily fresh air and sunlight, incorporating sufficient daily exercise, enjoying plenty of good rest, being temperate in all things and trusting in the love and benevolence of God, all assist in improving our health and… Read More »How to spot signs of depression and how to reverse it naturally
can diabetes be reversed

Can diabetes be reversed ?

“For over 70 years, traditional treatment for diabetes was a high fat, low carbohydrate diet with insulin by injection, or pills by mouth. Justification for prescribing the high fat diet was that it keeps the blood sugar from rising too much after a meal, and it prevents too much sugar from spilling into the urine. But the disadvantages of fatty diets far outweigh the advantages. This type of diet does… Read More »Can diabetes be reversed ?

How To Treat Acne Using Natural Remedies

During the period of most active growth, the oil glands of the skin go through an extended period of development, along with other glands of the body. in some young people, these glands become clogged, swollen, and inflamed. They are prone to infection. The following suggestions may be helpful: 1. Keep hands clean, nails short, and never touch the face except with a clean tissue. Most people with acne have… Read More »How To Treat Acne Using Natural Remedies

How to Improve Your Memory and Intelligence

The following video by Dr. Neil Nedley explores ways on how to improve memory and intelligence naturally. Dr Neil is the Director of the Weimar health institute in the USA. For more videos on improving health, please click link.