During the period of most active growth, the oil glands of the skin go through an extended period of development, along with other glands of the body. in some young people, these glands become clogged, swollen, and inflamed. They are prone to infection. The following suggestions may be helpful:

1. Keep hands clean, nails short, and never touch the face except with a clean tissue. Most people with acne have an unconscious habit of frequently touching the face, the eyes, or the lips.

2. Keep hair clean by frequent shampooing. Never allow hair to touch face or shoulders. Have a daily shower.

3. Drink enough water to keep the urine almost colorless, as good hydration keeps the secretions of the body more fluid. Spread a thin film of lotion on face after careful washing of both hands and face to prevent all dryness.

4. Be regular with mealtime, bedtime, arising time, planned water-drinking time, personal hygiene (including a BM after each meal, even if a cold water, single ear-syringe enema must be taken to obtain it), etc. Regularity in all things is essential.

5. Practice good posture, deep breathing, and daily exercise out-of-doors for one hour or more. Good circulation to the face is important.

6. Leave off all animal products until the condition is under control. Read labels to be sure. Milk is especially harmful.

7. Do not mix too many foods in one meal or a chemical warfare will occur inside you. Keep dishes and menus simple.

8. Fast one day weekly. Eat all meals at the same time daily, and nothing between meals.

9. Gas-forming foods should be used in small quantities and chewed well, taking small bites. These include: beans, corn, apples, raisins, bananas, prune juice, and apple juice. Spend 30-45 minutes on a meal, chewing food to a cream before swallowing it. Never overeat.

10. Use the following diet:

a. Avoid sugar and honey.
b. Restrict salt to 1/2 teaspoon daily.
c. Avoid, entirely, all chemicals that end in \\\”-ine,\\\” such as nicotine, caffeine (coffee, tea, and colas — and all other soft drinks), theobromine (chocolate), and all medicines that might contain them.
d. Get plenty of vitamin A from the daily use of an abundance of richly colored green and yellow foods.
e. Eat liberally of fruits and vegetables, moderately of grains, and sparingly of nuts (Yes. You may have a few unsalted nuts, but never between meals.)

11. Get some sun on the face each day the sun shines.

12. Put hot applications of golden seal tea on the most severely inflamed lesions.

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